Propeller sizing and quotation form

For a free no-obligation quote for fitting a Autoprop feathering propeller, Varifold folding propeller or SigmaDrive shaft coupling to your vessel please fill out the simple web form below and one of our technical representatives will contact you.

The form below is designed to get the key information necessary to perform a power prediction; please provide as much information as you can. The key parameters needed are engine make / model, vessel type and the gearbox ratio; the latter is typically stamped onto a plate on your engine.

If you need assistance with this form or you would rather speak to one of our Naval Architects about it, please call the office on (757) 962-9219 and we can answer all of your questions.

Please note: King Propulsion is based in Virginia. All orders delivered in Virginia will be subject to Virginia Sales Tax.

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Personal Information

Please enter your contact details in the form below.

Sailboat Information

Please provide the make and model of your sailboat.  If you have additional details such as an approximate displacement, please enter these here as well.

Engine Information

Please provide as much information on the engine as you can.  This section is critical for getting the power prediction correct.  It is important to get the gearbox ratio for the engine.  This should be given in the owners manual or stamped on the gearbox casing on a metal plate.

Please fill in this form to the best of your knowledge.  The calculated propeller selected for your boat will be based on the information provided. Bruntons Propellers has a tremendous database of installed propellers on sailboats throughout the world and every attempt will be made to select the best propeller based on this information.  Please note that propeller sizing is specific to the design in question.  A pitch and diameter combination will be different between the manufacturers due to blade profile, camber and other unique factors.