SigmaDrive Flexible Propeller Shaft Coupling

SigmaDrive is a flexible propeller shaft coupling that is effective noise and vibration suppression for most vessels up to 1300 hp. SigmaDrives is unique as it is able to absorb thrust when installed as a standalone propeller coupling directly from the shaft to the output flange on the transmission. SigmaDrive solves issues due to imperfect engine alignment between the propeller shaft and the engine, compensating for up to 3 degrees in all directions.


Easy to fit

SigmaDrive is quick and easy to fit, usually without the need to haul out the vessel. The unit is compact and does not need any modifications to the propeller shaft as it uses a taper lock system to grip the shaft securely.


Elegant solution

SigmaDrive eliminates the need for costly precision alignments. SigmaDrive gives flexibility to the shaft line allowing the engine to operate at a maximum 3 degree offset (6 degree full sweep) without transferring any harmful side loads.

Build Quality

All metal construction

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SigmaDrive is manufactured using a sturdy marine grade Bronze housing and all metal interior.  The lack of rubber parts used by competing brands gives SigmaDrive and incredibly long and maintenance free life.


Noise & Vibration solved

SigmaDrive uses and internal rotating sphere to absorb a thrust load and a bearing system to absorb the torque load.  This gives SigmaDrive a unique ability to take thrust without the need for additional thrust bulkheads making it extremely compact.

Manufactured from a special bronze alloy, SigmaDrives require virtually no maintenance and containing no bearings or rubber in their construction. The knock on effect of using a SigmaDrive shaft coupling is that the forces typically generated from misalignment will not be transferred to the engine or transmission  extending their life significantly.

Unlike existing shaft couplings SigmaDrive does not use rubber to dampen the vibrations or take out misalignment. SigmaDrive shaft couplings are special constant velocity joints that are able to resist the propeller thrust without the need for thrust bearings in most applications. They are extremely compact and able to transmit higher torque than other propeller shaft couplings with similar dimensions. In addition, as they do not use rubber as a vibration suppression device, they are an exceptionally long wearing marine coupling, with minimal maintenance needed.

SigmaDrive removes the need for expensive precision alignment of the shaft line

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