Autoprop Feathering Sailboat Propellers

Autoprop is a sailboat propeller which varies its pitch depending on the operating conditions, to maintain maximum efficiency at all times. The propeller self-pitches based on the hydrodynamic flow at the propeller. It has a higher efficiency over a wider range of rpm settings than any other type of sailboat propeller, so it produces higher speeds throughout your engine’s speed range, allowing lower engine rpm’s, giving greater cruising ranges, fuel economy and quieter cruising. The blades automatically adjust their pitch to match the engine torque to the varying load conditions.


Low drag sailing performance

The feathered image on the right shows how, when sailing, Autoprop reduces drag by up to 85% compared with a three blade fixed propeller; with the two blade propeller the reduction can be even greater. This drag reduction can equate to as much as one additional knot in sailing speed.

Motor Sailing

Power under sail

Autoprop automatically varies its pitch depending on engine, wind or sea conditions. The result is maximum efficiency whatever the conditions, with increased sailing speeds at dramatically lower engine rpm giving lower fuel consumption and emissions.


Perfect under power

Autoprops unusual blades maximize the thrust delivered whatever rpm the engine is running at. Conventional propellers are designed to provide maximum thrust at the engines maximum output.  Autoprops self feathering provides maximum thrust at all, not a single rpm range.

Reduced Drag
Fuel Savings
Emission Reduction
Motoring Speed


100% thrust when you need it

In reverse the Autoprop blades swing through 180 degrees and present exactly the same blade shape as they do ahead. The result, the same excellent thrust, with greater stopping power and less prop walk.

Bad Weather

Power to stay safe

In high winds and choppy seas sailboats struggle to make way. Autoprop allows the engine to to run to a higher maximum rpm delivering more power than any competitor to get you home safely.


Help without risk

Autoprop can use the full power of the engine for towing, or emergencies. The self pitching blades allow full thrust to be developed for extended periods of time without causing overheating or risk to the propulsion system.

Why Autoprop?

All sailboat propellers with the exception of Autoprop are designed to work at one pitch setting.  At this point, normally the maximum engine rpm and hull speed, the sailboat propeller is at peak efficiency.   Do you run your sailboat at full throttle?

Once rpm is reduced to cruising speed, the pitch for the propeller is still set for the maximum value forcing the propeller to work harder to maintain speed; this causes an increase in fuel burn and also an increase in engine emissions. This is how all sailboat propellers work regardless of manufacturer.

Tests on all 4 of the sailboat propeller types found that at 2000 rpm a feathering sailboat propeller was able to propel a test boat at 5.4 knots, but when the same sailboat was fitted with an Autoprop feathering propeller, the boat was able to achieve 6.9 knots for the same rpm and hence fuel consumption.


Autoprop is different.  It balances the rotational forces of the propeller with the forward speed of the boat to automatically set the correct pitch for the correct seaway at every rpm. This will result in cruising speed increases of up to 1 knot or more compared to every other sailboat propeller. There is no other sailboat propeller on the market that does this and this makes Autoprop the perfect motor sailing propeller. Most sailers see typical fuel consumption reduced by 25%, allowing them to sail further for longer.

But Autoprop is not only great under power, once the engine is shutdown, Autoprop can be feathered and it becomes a low drag sailing propeller – the best of both worlds!

  • Only fully automatic self-pitching propeller on the market

  • Autoprop has a maximum mid range efficiency of 70% which is higher than all other sailboat propellers – Fixed, Folding or Feathering

  • Blades are custom airfoil sections and not symmetric sections like all other feathering propellers. This gives significantly improved performance and noise characteristics under power compared to all other feathering propellers

  • In reverse maneuvers, the blades rotate and give 100% thrust. This gives greater stopping power, greater control, improved handling, almost no prop walk

The Autoprop Range

Autoprop is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit many styles of sailing and sailboats. Typical diameters are from 13″ to 39″ and engine ratings from 10 HP to 350 HP.

Propeller ModelH20H5H6 H9 H62APS H20APS H5
Propeller Diameter (in)13" - 17"15" - 20"19" - 35"13" to 17"13" to 20"
Shaft Diameter (in)7/8" - 1 1/4"7/8" - 1 1/2"1 1/2" to 3"Saildrive SplineSaildrive Spline
Engine Power (HP)up to 40 HPup to 75 HPup to 350 HP

Find out how Autoprop sailboat propellers can benefit your sailboat by requesting a hassle free no obligation quote. Simply enter the details of your sailboat such as boat type , engine, gearbox ratio and so on in our online web form and we will conduct a power prediction for your vessel to size the right propeller for you. We have currently installed nearly 11,000 Autoprop feathering propellers and counting.