Varifold Buffer pads

Buffer pads for 2 blade varifold folding propellers

Buffer pad types for a 2 blade Varifold Folding Propeller The 2 blade Varifold folding sailboat propeller uses buffer pads to cushion the blades as they open during deployment.  This often overlooked item stops the blade palm from hitting the propeller boss causing mechanical damage to both items and potentially cracks in the blades. Identification

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Autoprop sailboat propellers – how do they work?

Demystifying the Autoprop Sailboat Propeller Autoprop sailboat propellers really do live up to their tag line of perfect propulsion but how do they work?  When performance, maneuverability and efficiency are the driving forces for selecting a sailboat propeller, the Autoprop is in a class of its own. But how do they work?  This post explains

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Sailboats are supposed to be quiet

Full scale noise trials onboard a sailboat Bruntons Propellers make two of the market leading types of sailboat propellers, the Varifold folding propeller and the Autoprop self pitching propeller. But what makes them so special? Well one of the differentiating factors about Bruntons Propellers, and not just their sailboat propeller lines, is the juggernaut of a company behind them.

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Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show – See you there!

Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show 2016 Varifold folding sailboat propellers have always been a leader in the propeller sailboat market for an effective choice of propulsion that helps racing and cruising sailors when under sail and under power.  The propeller opens effortlessly when under power folds neatly away without fuss when under sail.  The latter can

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Titanium Sailboat Propeller…we can do that!

A look at the latest Varifold Sailboat Propeller from Bruntons As the US agent for Bruntons Propellers we have helped a great many sailors fit a beautifully designed Varifold folding propeller to their sailboats, helping them to sail smoother and quieter than ever before.  We thought that the design changes would be a refinement on

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Which Varifold Zinc to choose

Finding the right varifold zinc anode

So you have just hauled your boat out of the water and you check the propellers, only to notice the anodes need to be replaced.  You know that the propeller is a Varifold folding sailboat propeller, whether it is a shaft or sail drive type propeller, the diameter and how many blades it has.  However there

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