BoatTechTV – Feathering Sailboat Propellers

In the last episode of Boat TechTV we looked at the cornerstone of marine propulsion – the fixed pitch propeller. However there are many areas of Naval Architecture where the use of a fixed pitch propeller is not suitable or good enough. One good example of this is sailboat propellers. This episode looks at feathering

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Autoprop H6 Rebuild Part 4

Autoprop Sailboat Propeller Rebuild Part 4

Autoprop H6 bearing removal The disassembly of the Autoprop H6 propeller reaches a climax in this post when the last remaining parts are removed from the propeller.  In the last post we took off the blades and the bearing races, in this post we remove the bearing tracks from the blade and the boss (no

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H6 Rebuild Part 3

Autoprop Sailboat Propeller Rebuild Part 3

Autoprop H6 blade removal – take 2! In this post we continue the blade removal from the Autoprop H6 sailboat propeller and remove a single blade ready for rebuilding.  Previously in Part 2 we had struggled to get one of the blade caps off the propeller despite using a wide range of tools including the

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Autoprop H6 rebuild

Autoprop Sailboat Propeller Rebuild Part 1

Why Rebuild an Autoprop Propeller? Autoprop Sailboat propellers are the market leader for self-pitching propellers. The design is simple robust and very effective. But like all well oiled machines there comes a time when you need to service them. If you have kept up with the yearly service routine of replacing the zinc anode and

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Bruntons propeller survey

Win a rescue laser flare

Bruntons Propellers are running a competition for the chance to win a laser rescue flare.  The advert leads to a simple survey about sailboat propellers.  Enter it and you are in the running to win one of five flares! click on the link below to enter!      

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