SigmaDrive SDV Series

The SigmaDrive SDV drive system is one of the best selling and most practical use of the SigmaDrive concept.  V-Drive systems are notoriously difficult to install and maintain with critical alignment needed in awkward spaces.  SigmaDrive SDV makes this process simple. This is a standalone unit that resists the propeller thrust compensating for up to 3 degrees in all directions and fits nearly all makes of V drive transmissions from Velvet Drives, Kanzaki and more. They are extremely easy to fit, requiring no modifications to the shaft, which can usually be fitted to the vessel when it is still in the water. Once installed the SigmaDrive requires a minimum amount of service and is a low wear part, guaranteeing years of dependable operation.

The SigmaDrive SDV is available in the following models: SDV 55, SDV 100 SDV 150, SDV 225 & SDV 300