SigmaDrive Standard Installation

The Standard SigmaDrive coupling is able to resist propeller thrust when installed as a standalone coupling directly from the shaft to the output flange on the engine’s transmission. SigmaDrive couplings are available for shaft torques of 185 ft-lbs to 4425 ft-lbs with a range of shaft diameters.

The SigmaDrive reduces and even eliminates vibrations that originate from an imperfect alignment between the propeller shaft and the engine, compensating for up to 3 degrees in all directions thereby guaranteeing a longer trouble-free life for all the associated components.

SigmaDrive Standard Installation shaft coupling

The coupling is manufactured from a special bronze alloy that makes it a premium product that is maintenance free. The internal component is hard-wearing with a long service life. No rubber is used in the construction of the SigmaDrive and its unique design compensates for the movement of the engine when under load form the propeller shaft.

Bruntons sigmadrive exploded

sigmadrive in service