Sizing a SigmaDrive for your sailboat is a quick and easy process and we can normally send the results back same day. Simply complete the form below giving as much information as possible. Alternatively call or text  (757) 739-2050

First is the engine data for power and rpm are needed to establish the torque range the coupling will work in. Next and most critical information is the transmission make and model; this can change the quotation price very quickly. The transmission model sets the output flange diameter, the bolt pattern and the pilot size. This can be the difference between SD55 or SD100 so please include it if you have it. Finally if the flange is non standard we can offer adapter flanges (at additional cost) to make everything work correctly.

SigmaDrive is a great product for any sailboat and one that will add harmony to the engine space by adding flexibility to the shaft Line.

SigmaDrive Quote Form