Low Drag, High Performance Racing Propeller


The Varifold 2 blade folding sailboat propeller is a unique combination of Art and Engineering – just like it should be. A thing of beauty that is beautifully engineered and very efficient. This design folds like a clam shell to give the racer or the race enthusiast the lowest possible drag when neatly folded out of the way. Unlike other designs who offer the race propeller as a premium option, our Varifold design is standard in this unique range. This means that even the day sailor can enjoy the benefits of this design and truly let the wind in the sails push your vessel forward at up to 1 knot faster than a conventional fixed pitch propeller.

2 Blade Folding Propeller

The Varifold 2 blade folding sailboat propeller is available in diameters from 15″ to 17″ for engines rated up to 50 HP and is a very affordable option for those looking to take advantage of optimizing their propulsion system for sailing. The folding 2 blade propeller is available in 2 versions, the first can be mounted on a conventional shaft, the hub for this model is tapered to the shaft so as to streamline the flow and allow the blades to be hidden from the flow reducing the drag as much as possible. The second is adapted to work on most of the sail drives currently on the market. For this we have designed a special saildrive hub that has a built in damping system to protect the saildrive leg from shock loads .The propeller is simple to install and the installation guides may be downloaded in the Resources Section .

Varifold 2 blade race propeller

Spare Parts – 2 Blade Varifold Propeller

Depending upon which 2 blade propeller model is installed will determine the type of anode and spares needed. For the standard shaft option the anode that protects the propeller is mounted on the propeller shaft close to the propeller; this type of anode is available from your local marine hardware store and is sized based on your shaft diameter. For the saildrive Varifold propeller, the propeller hub is machined with a special recess to take the anode which comes in two half-round parts. In addition the saildrive leg should still be fitted with a collar zinc to protect the drive leg, again contact the manufacturer for this saildrive specific part. To see how easy it is to fit a saildrive zinc see our anode guide page.

The most common spare parts (with links to the store) for the 2 blade Varifold folding propeller on our online store are the , Varifold 2 blade sail drive anode, Varifold 2 blade buffer pad (old style) and Varifold 2 blade buffer pad (new style). In addition we also provide a fastener kit for both propeller options so you can replace any of the fasteners due to wear or fouling. All the parts are available through the online store.

Service – 2 Blade Varifold Propeller

The 2 blade Varifold folding sailboat propeller is relatively simple to install and simple to service. All folding propellers require the propeller to be built up on the shaft, this is due to the propeller nut being hidden in the folding mechanism. This process is simple to do and full documentation and phone support is available to ease this process. For the yearly service, Varifold requires very little care. The propeller is a greaseless system and like all of our propellers, over-engineered to give an exceptionally long service life. A typical yearly service would involve cleaning the propeller of marine fouling and re-applying any coatings used to protect the propeller, then replace the anodes as needed. The propeller should not require a rebuild during its life, however should any unforeseen issues develop with the propeller we have a full US service center able to handle any repair or re-balance needed. Finally it is important to note that as with all the propellers they will be prone to galvanic corrosion and care must be taken to ensure that they are protected using anodes as mentioned above. The general idea is that the corrosion caused by stray current will be directed to the ”sacrificial” metal rather than the expensive propeller. In combining anodes with a good coating system, not only will you significantly extend the life of the propeller but you will keep it at its lowest drag value possible, making your sailing more enjoyable.