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Service and support for Autoprop in the USA

Getting parts for Autoprop sailboat propellers is easy. If it is anodes and grease for your yearly haul-out or a rebuild kit, King Propulsion carries all of the spare parts at our Virginia Beach office. Visit our online store where you can order parts 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.  We ship USPS as standard from Virginia Beach (FedEx and UPS by request), with most parts shipping same day when ordered before 4:00 PM EST.

The Autoprop feathering sailboat propeller is relatively simple to install and simple to service.  As with all the propellers they will be prone to galvanic corrosion and care must be taken to ensure that they are protected using what is known as sacrificial anodes or ”zincs” by many people.  The general idea is that the corrosion caused by stray current will be directed to the ”sacrificial” zinc rather than the expensive propeller.  Depending on the propeller this may require anodes on the propeller, on the propeller shaft or both.  Our years of experience and production methods ensure we can keep your Varifold propeller working at its best for many, many seasons. To see how straight forward the yearly service is see our Autoprop Service Video for details.

Autoprop Propeller Service

In addition to providing parts to help maintain your Autoprop feathering sailboat propeller, King Propulsion also offers a complete refurbishment program for Autoprop.  If the bearings are stiff or crunchy when the blades pivot, it may be time for a service or a rebuild.  We are able to rebuild your Autoprop propeller to get it working like new again using factory specified parts and lubricants. The propeller blade in the photo below still turned and performed even though it had not been greased for many seasons.  Following a simple refurbishment the propeller was back in service like new in no time at all. Finally it is worth noting that the Autoprop does have special tools and service knowledge to be able to repair them, most of which is not common in conventional shipyards or marinas.  Using our factory approved service you can be sure  of a great job, a great price and a fast turn around.  QWe also provide you with a service report and propeller certificate for your records together with full warranty on all of the work done.

H6 Autoprop Rusty bearings

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